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    Transport Partners is a global freight organization, specialized in transportation of boats, yachts, cars and other oversized cargo.



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    Freight transportation worldwide

    Transport Partners is an international freight transportation organization, specialized in yacht and boat shipping. We take care of the shipment of your cargo, from and to any destination in the world. With more than 25 years of experience, we know how to take care of the freight transportation of your cargo. Whether it’s by sea, air or land.

    Shipment of cargo by sea, air or land

    Transport Partners is a full service shipment cargo  provider. With several logistical facilities throughout the world, we are able to fulfill every step in your international or domestic logistic chain. From development of specialized cradles and shrink wrap to warehousing and shipment of your cargo (e.g. boat shipping).

    Boat shipping specialist

    Transport Partners is internationally known for its boat shipping expertise. Due to our specialized knowledge and experience, we take care of the handling, packing and shipment of more than 5.000 boats per year. Are you interested in our boat shipping and general freight transportation services? Please feel free to request a competitive quote.



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